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In the decades since then, Henley has remained a controversial figure. [177] Two more teenagers were identified in 1983 and 1985; one of whom, Richard Kepner, also lived in Houston Heights. In response, Henley shouted: "I don't care who knows about it! [153], Police found nine additional bodies in the boat shed on August 9. [36] They were then stripped naked and tied to either Corll's bed or, usually, a plywood torture board which was regularly hung on a wall. Instead, they were supposedly all there just to party. As manager of this memorial you can add or update the memorial using the Edit button below. Yeah I got that, but some on here were saying it was because he used candy to lure his victims. To add a flower, click the Leave a Flower button. [19]:3661 He was dropped off alone at the corner of Westheimer Road and South Voss Road near the Uptown area of Houston at approximately 6:15p.m.[45][46] Corll likely offered Konen a lift to his home, which Konen evidently accepted. Dean Corll found his first accomplice when he was a child who came by for candy, his name was David Brooks. Save to an Ancestry Tree, a virtual cemetery, your clipboard for pasting or Print. Both youths were buried at High Island Beach. And so for several more years, Corll continued to work at the candy store. In school, Corll was reportedly a well-behaved, yet solitary, young boy. His brutal killings - known as the Houston Mass Murders - were only uncovered when he was shot dead by his accomplice Elmer Wayne Henley in 1973. "[163] In reference to the actual murders, Brooks stated his witnessing the victims' deaths "didn't bother [him]", adding "I saw it done many times. [77], During the time Corll resided at Schuler Street, the trio lured a 19-year-old named William Ridinger to the house. The company also employed a small workforce, and he was seen to behave flirtatiously towards several teenage male employees. [272][n 13]. Share this memorial using social media sites or email. [75] Scottwho was well known to both Henley and Brookswas grabbed by force and fought furiously against attempts by Corll to restrain him, even attempting to stab his attackers with a knife. The three teenagers were sitting on the porch outside the house, and the officer noted the .22 caliber pistol on the driveway near the trio. The arrests in Santa Clara do, however, suggest possible validity in Brooks's statements to police that Corll had informed him that his earliest murder victims had been buried in California.[215]. [205] Brooks also appealed his sentence, contending that the signed confessions used against him were taken without his being informed of his legal rights, but his appeal was dismissed in May 1979. She divorced Arnold in 1946, remarried him in 1950. You are nearing the transfer limit for memorials managed by Find a Grave. ). [43] However, until he moved to Pasadena in the spring of 1973, he always lived in or close to Houston Heights. Mother of serial killer Dean Arnold Corll. Henley was brought to trial in San Antonio on July 1, 1974,[187] charged with six murders committed between March 1972 and July 1973. With the Bizapedia Pro Search service you will get unlimited searches via our various search forms, There was a problem getting your location. By the time he got the two teenagers involved he already knew what to do, they just made it easier by delivering their friends to him. "[126], Minutes later, a PPD patrol car arrived at 2020 Lamar Drive. Corll initially told Brooks that he was part of a gay pornography ring and had sent the teens to California. In March 2011, DNA analysis confirmed that the victim known as ML73-3355 had been misidentified and the same month, the victim was identified as Steven Kent Sickman, a 17-year-old who was last seen walking down West 34th Street shortly before midnight on July 19, 1972. Healthpsychologyconsultancy. Oops, something didn't work. Drag images here or select from your computer for Mary Emma Robison West memorial. 31,343 Views | Corll was known to give free candy to local children, in particular teenage boys. Dr. Sharon Derrick is among those interviewed for the documentary. But later, he confessed to Brooks that he had killed them. Dean Corll played important role in the company. He would insert a thin glass tube into the penis of a victim and then hit the victims penis with a hammer, smashing the glass inside the uretha of the victim. Corll's family opened a new shop, which they named Pecan Prince[14] in reference to the brand name of the family product. I just killed a man! So how did this seemingly normal American boy of the 1950s become the Candy Man serial killer of the 1970s? [252][277] The earliest of Corll's victims known by Brooks were two teenage boys killed at 3300 Yorktown, where Corll lived after moving out of his Judiway Street apartment. He was the first child of Mary Anna Robinson and Arnold Edwin Corll. Their bodies were then tied in plastic sheeting[37] and buried in one of four places: a rented boat shed in southwest Houston,[38] a beach on the Bolivar Peninsula, a woodland near Lake Sam Rayburn (where Corll's family owned a lakeside log cabin), or a beach in Jefferson County. In the mid-sixties, the company was across the street from an elementary school in Houston, Texas. [65] Henley subsequently assisted Corll and Brooks in Aguirre's burial at High Island Beach. In 1960, at the request of his mother, Corll moved to Indiana to live with his widowed grandmother. And eventually killed by strangulation or shot with a .22 caliber pistol. As had been the case in his teenage years, Corll increased the number of hours he devoted to the candy business to satisfy an increasing public demand for his family's product. I have to get it off my chest! However, Scott saw Henley pointing a pistol toward him and according to Brooks, Scott "just gave up." This had inspired the salesman to state to her: "If you've got that much energy, why don't you start making candy? 1 of 20 Roy Eugene Bunton Provided/Handout Show More Show Less 2 of 20 The cabin shown is owned by the family of Dean Corll, 33, the alleged central figure in the nations worst mass slaying case . Inside the lakeside log cabin owned by Corll's family, police found a second plywood torture board, rolls of plastic sheeting, shovels, and a sack of lime. In 1965, shortly after Corll completed his military service, the Corll Candy Company relocated to 27th Street, directly across the street from Helms Elementary School. Please enter your email and password to sign in. If the building is even still standing. [48] The body was found buried beneath a large boulder,[49] covered with a layer of lime, wrapped in plastic, naked, and bound hand and foot with nylon cord, suggesting he had been violated. His parents reportedly never had a happy marriage, and they would often argue. Sorry! [264][266] This victim has been referred to as "John Houston Doe" since the discovery of his body. In the rear of the vehicle, police found a coil of rope, a swatch of beige rug covered in soil stains,[136] and a wooden crate with air holes drilled in the sides. Are you sure that you want to delete this memorial? The revamped business was called the Corll Candy Company, and Corll's mother started it in the Houston Heights area. Authorities never ascertained a clear motive, and the . You can customize the cemeteries you volunteer for by selecting or deselecting below. In a 2010 interview, he claimed to have attempted to persuade Corll not to assault and kill Aguirre once Corll and Brooks had bound and gagged the youth. Brooks later claimed he persuaded Corll to allow Ridinger to be released, and the youth was allowed to leave the residence. [279], In March 1973, a Mr. and Mrs. Abernathy[280] had reported to Galveston County authorities that they had observed three men carrying and burying a "long, wrapped bundle"[281] at Galveston Beach. Potential association with a national sex ring, Corll's mother would later state the inspiration for her founding a family candy business was a pecan nut salesman calling at her home and observing her baking several pies. Kepner was strangled and buried at High Island Beach. The individual depicted has been ruled out by the Harris County Medical Examiner as being any of Corll's known victims, including his one remaining known unidentified victim. Do you urgently need a company that can help you out? [15][16] During this time, Corll formed a close relationship with a local girl, although he rejected a subsequent marriage proposal she made to him in 1962. But even when he was paid far less than hed hoped, he didnt back out. Bail for each youth was set at $100,000. He blamed Henley for ruining everything. Corll, a Houston electric company worker and former candy store owner, used Brooks and fellow teen Elmer Wayne Henley to lure youngsters to his apartment, where they were handcuffed and. He stood at my feet, and just all of a sudden told Dean this couldnt keep going on, he couldnt let him keep killing his friends and that it had to stop, she said, as reported by ABC 13. [183], By the time the grand jury had completed its investigation, Henley had been indicted for six murders, and Brooks for four. Found more than one record for entered Email, You need to confirm this account before you can sign in. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'forensicreader_com-leader-2','ezslot_12',129,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-forensicreader_com-leader-2-0');The Final Scene: Few hours later, Henley awoke to find himself cuffed to the torture table, and also saw his friends tied down and unconscious. I think he almost certainly killed before that. [57] Sometime the following month, an 18-year-old Oak Forest youth known to both Corll and Henley named Willard Branch disappeared while hitchhiking from Mount Pleasant to Houston. [112], Henley awoke to find himself lying on his stomach and Corll snapping handcuffs onto his wrists. [268], Dr. Derrick has stated she has reason to believe this victim may be named Robert (or "Bobby") French,[269] adding she has received an anonymous package containing a series of photographs potentially depicting this individual taken shortly before his murder, and that the sender of this package named this individual as one Bobby French. This is the house where Dean Corll lived. You know your boys are runaways. Then, another 10 bodies were found on High Island Beach and in the woods near Lake Sam Rayburn. They were repeatedly s*xually assaulted and s*domized. [274] Former workers also recalled that Corll had rolls of clear plastic of precisely the same type used to bury his victims. [26], Brooks' parents were divorced; his father lived in Houston and his mother had relocated to Beaumont, a city 85 miles (140km) east of Houston. The group drank heavily and huffed paint to get high before they all fell asleep. Sponsored Learn More D&B Reports Available for Corll Candy Company Corll earned the named "Candyman" because his family owned a candy and operated a candy factory in Houston Heights. THE CANDY MAN - Dean Corll | SERIAL KILLER FILES #34. ", "For Murder Victim's Parents, an Agonizing Ritual", "The Girl on the Torture Board: Rhonda Williams Opens up About Being Attacked by Dean Corll", "Affidavit: The State of Texas: County of Harris", "Serial Killer Dean Corll's Lone Female Survivor Recalls Attack", "Mass Murder Suspect Saved his Life, Witness Testifies", "Houston Mass Murderers Had two Private Graveyards", "Elmer Wayne Henley's Confession (Appealed)", "Dean Corll, Elmer Henley & David Brooks: The Game of Boys", "Mass Murder Probe Chief Tells Defendant's Tale", "Jurors Listen to Confession in Texas Case", "Henley Gives Statement On Manner Of Killings", "Accused Killer's Confession Made Part of Trial Record", "Supplementary Offense Report - D-68904 - 1", "Texas EquuSearch Launches New Search for Remains of Victims in Houston Most Notorious Serial Killing", "Authorities Struggle to Identify Victims", "Coroner Tries to ID Murder Victims 35 Years Later", "Supplementary Offense Report - D-68904 - 3", "Texas Toll of Boys Rises to 27 in Nation's Biggest Slaying Case", "Henley's Slaying of Corll Exposes Murders of 26 Boys", "Houston Police Lax, Victims' Parents Say", "Angry Houston Police Chief Defends Force", "Woman's 11-Year Search for Son Ends in Morgue", "Sister Identifies Body of Brother in Morgue 12 Years", "Two Teenagers Indicted for Houston Deaths", "Trial Begins Monday in Mass Texas Deaths", "Jury to Weigh Sentence for Texas Killer of Six", "Torture Board Viewed in Mass Murder Trial", "Jury Decides Sentence in Torture-Slayings", "Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association Hall of Fame", "Jury in Houston Convicts Henley of Killing 6 Youths", "Police Officer Testifies on Brooks Statement", "Jury Selection Begins in Mass Murders Case", "Inmate Information Details: Henley, Elmer Wayne Jr", Offender Information Detail Brooks, David Owen, "Former Henchman of Houston Killer Corll Dies of COVID-19", "Pathological Diagnosis on the Body of James Eugene Glass", "Youths Admit Death Ring: Texas Mass Murders at 21", "Pathological Diagnosis on the Body of Ruben Watson Haney", "Sex-Torture-Murder Trial Underway in Texas", "After Decades, Another Serial Killer Victim Identified", "Residents of Houston Curbing Murder Talk", "Corll's Portrait: Polite, Quiet, Neat, 'Always With Young Boys', "Mass Murderer Elmer Wayne Henley's Parole Considered", "Richard Alan Kepner. CORLL CANDY COMPANY in Houston, TX | Company Info & Reviews Company Information Sponsored Links Company Contacts MARY WEST Agent 721 E 6 1/2 Street Houston, TX Reviews Write Review There are no reviews yet for this company. Brooks would later describe Henley as being especially sadistic.. The whole sick operation went under when Henley invited a boy named Timothy Kerley to Corll's apartment. Corll buried the many bodies in four separate locations. "[111] Henley gave the address to the operator as 2020 Lamar Drive, Pasadena. [12] In high school, Corll's only major interest was the brass band, in which he played trombone. This flower has been reported and will not be visible while under review. Dean was appointed as vice-president of the new family firm. This bothered Corll and he believed that his mother did not approve of his s*xuality. Dean Corl, a candy shop owner, raped and killed over 30 boys in Texas. If I can find the address where the building was I will drive down there and take a picture. A couple other points are that Brooks says Coril told him his first victims were buried in California. The 1973 misidentification of Michael Baulch was discovered as a result of an independent investigation conducted by freelance writers Barbara Gibson and Debera Phinney, who contacted Dr. Derrick with a tip indicating that the second victim unearthed from the boat shed had been misidentified; upon conducting additional DNA testing, Dr. Derrick discovered their suspicions were correct. In his call, Henley blurted to the operator: "Y'all better come here right now! Although Corll was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1964 and served for about 10 months, he successfully applied for a hardship discharge after explaining that he needed to help his mother at her company. Coral was called the candy man bacause his family owned a candy factory across fro Helms Elementary and lured kids in by handing out candy samples. The statements given by Kerley and Williams corroborated Henley's account, and the detective questioning Henley believed he had indeed acted in self-defense. [57] In each of these abductions, Brooks is known to have been a participant. YouTubeDean Corll pretended to be an ordinary electrician and many people bought the facade. Together, in the early 1970s, Brooks and Henley would help the Candy Man killer abduct boys and young men, ranging in age from 13 to 20. Please ensure you have given Find a Grave permission to access your location in your browser settings. It lasted anywhere from 30 minutes to days, depending on his mood and spare time. It was also rumored that more bodies would be discovered near the candy factory where he used to work. Your entire office will be able to use your search subscription. [152] Two additional bodies were found in shallow, lime-soaked graves located close to a dirt road. [113], Corll then handed Henley a hunting knife and ordered him to cut away Williams's clothes,[118] insisting that, while he would rape and kill Kerley, Henley would do likewise to Williams. That was known to be his torture table. Wikimedia CommonsDean Corll briefly served in the U.S. Army from 1964 to 1965. [6] Whenever Brooks told Corll he needed cash, Corll gave him money, and the youth began to view Corll as a father figure. She dissolved her business in Houston, and moved with her daughter Joyce to Manitou Springs, Colorado where she set-up another candy factory. In today's standard, he would be considered an abusive father. There is 1 volunteer for this cemetery. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Image. "[121] As Corll clambered off Kerley, Henley elaborated: "I can't go on any longer! [44], Corll killed his first known victim, an 18-year-old college freshman named Jeffrey Konen, on September 25, 1970. [24] On June 4, Henley and Corll abducted 15-year-old William Ray Lawrence; the youth was last seen alive by his father on 31st Street. [192] Inside the box, police had found hair which examiners had concluded came from both Cobble and Henley. CORLL CANDY COMPANY Company Number 0019293700 Status Forfeited Existence Incorporation Date 9 May 1963 (almost 60 years ago) Dissolution Date 26 June 1970 Company Type Domestic For-Profit Corporation Jurisdiction Texas (US) Alternative Names CORLL CANDY COMPANY (trading name, 1963-05-09 - 1970-06-26) Inactive Directors / Officers Mary West, agent One of the youths who voluntarily offered to distribute posters the parents had printed offering a monetary reward for information leading to the boys' whereabouts was 15-year-old Elmer Wayne Henleya lifelong friend of Hilligiest. Didn't they find a ton of old skeletal remains buried throughout the grounds back when they tore down the Allen Parkway projects? They were all tortured and killed by Dean Corll. (Philbin & Philbin, 2009), Read More: Private Thoughts Forensic Files Case Study: Hodges Family and Earl Bramblett. The officer returned to the car and read Henley his Miranda rights. In Texas in the early 1970s, it wasnt illegal for a child to run away from home, so the chief of the Houston Police Department claimed that there was nothing authorities could do to help the desperate families. The business was short lived as Corll's mother divorced her husband and moved to Houston Heights. [140] Inside the boat shed, police found a half-stripped stolen car, a child's bike, a large iron drum, water containers, two sacks of lime,[5] and a large plastic bag full of teenage boys' clothing. Moreover, the floor of the room where the three teenagers had been tied was covered in thick plastic sheeting. But Henley turned back on his words and attacked Corll instead. As soon as I realized what this was, I closed everything up andstarted looking for an exterminator who could help me out. Your Scrapbook is currently empty. Learn more about managing a memorial . Try again later. However, Judge Noah Kennedy ruled the written statements given by Henley on August 9, 1973, as admissible evidence. 3. You need a Find a Grave account to continue. And installed a pool table, where the workers and other teenagers often got together. One of Corlls victims, Mark Scott, was 17 years old when he disappeared on April 20, 1972. That business, of course, was the Corll Candy Company, which was . with up to 5 times the number of maximum matches per search vs. non-subscribers. sterilite cement gray weave 4 drawer tower, car auction stuyvesant ave, trenton, nj,

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